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Tanzanian Coffee

Tanzania lies to south of Kenya and contains the world famous volcano Mount Kilimanjaro. Kilimanjaro has the highest peak in Africa and its rich volcanic soil is perfect for growing gourmet coffee.

Most Tanzanian gourmet coffees, like Tanzanian Peaberry, have a crisp acidity that is reminiscent of other Africa gourmet coffees such as Kenya AA. (Tanzania uses the same grading system for coffee beans that Kenya uses, meaning that AA is the highest possible grade.) The best Tanzanian coffees (AA) are most often medium to full bodied and have a noticeably rich flavor. Tanzanian coffees grown at lower altitudes on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro will most likely be a softer version of the same flavor profile.

The most famous gourmet coffee to come from Tanzania, and the one who are most likely to find, is Tanzanian Peaberry. Peaberry is a type of coffee made entirely with round coffee beans. Typically a fruit from a coffee tree produces two coffee beans, each with a flat side. (The type we are used to seeing). However, sometimes the coffee beans inside the fruit do not split down the middle and instead form into a rounded coffee bean, a peaberry coffee bean. Many people believe that peaberry beans have more flavor than regular coffee beans. Whether you think that is true or not, Tanzanian Peaberry is an excellent cup of gourmet coffee and certainly worth experimenting with.

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