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Substitute for Espresso Powder

Espresso powder is used quite frequently in many cooking recipes especially those containing chocolate. Instant espresso powder is available from Italian food stores and of course many supermarkets are now starting to stock this product also.

If you are unable to get instant espresso powder and a recipe you are contemplating calls for this ingredient, it is worth noting that you can substitute espresso powder with 1 to 1 teaspoons of regular instant coffee, preferably dark roasted. The regular instant coffee that is used as a substitute for espresso powder will give the same cooking results as the espresso powder and the only difference that you will find is that the coffee won't give off the deep roasted flavor that the espresso does.

When using instant coffee as a substitute for espresso powder you should try to use coffee powder. This is mainly due to the fact that many instant espresso powders are quite fine and mix very easily whereas many of the instant brands of coffee are quite chunky and granular and a much harder to mix. One way to avoid this is to mix the coffee with boiling water first.

If you are considering using instant coffee as a substitute for espresso powder, a very good brand to use is the International Foods Italian Cappuccino Crystal. This brand works extremely well for brownies and other baking recipes that require espresso powder.

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