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Reheated Coffee and Health

With so many people drinking coffee in North America, and around the world, it's important to explore the questions of health. While coffee itself is not a huge health risk to drink, are reheated coffees a risk? After all, with microwave ovens in almost every kitchen, it has become easier to reheat your foods and beverages.

How about reheating it on the stove? Does that pose a health risk of some type?

The answer to all of these questions is "No." Coffee doesn't pose a significant health risk, and neither does reheating it in the microwave, or on the stove.

The only risk it can pose is that you are going to drink a sub-par cup of coffee.

Coffee loses its flavor and aroma quickly after being brewed. Within approximately twenty minutes, the coffee starts to lose its flavor. If you leave the coffee to sit, and then reheat it, you'll find that the coffee won't taste nearly as good.

If you put cream in your coffee, and let it sit to long before reheating it, the cream may go sour. If you were to drink it, you may get sick to your stomach.

Coffee also tends to taste bitter after it's been left to sit for a long time. Some people complain that this causes their stomachs to become upset, but that's not a serious health hazard, but more of an inconvenience.

So until evidence can be found to the contrary, you can reheat your coffee without fear of becoming contaminated, or unhealthy.

That is.if you don't mind drinking coffee that doesn't taste very good.

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