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Panama Coffee

Panama coffee is a relatively new player in the gourmet coffee arena but that doesn't mean Panama coffee farms are any less meticulous about their coffee beans than other gourmet coffee farms (like Costa Rican coffee farms). In fact because they are relatively new, Panama coffee production factories are quite modernized. This is one of the main reasons that Panama coffee tastes so good and their growing popularity shows it.

The best Panama coffee is grown in the Boquete region, which is just south of the Costa Rican border. Coffees grown in the region are exported under the market name "Panama Boquete". Because of its close proximity, Panama Boquete coffees are often compared to Costa Rica coffees and they do indeed share many similarities. Both are clean, strong and well balanced coffees but Panama Boquete coffees often come across as more distinctive in character. Sometimes Panama Boquete coffees will also display an intricate complexity which rivals even the best gourmet coffees in the world (like Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffees).

While Panama Boquete coffee exporters use modern facilities to process the coffee beans, the exact opposite can be said of Panama coffee plantations. The growing practices on Panama coffee plantations actually tend to be very traditional. The vast majority of Boquete coffee farms grow traditional typica coffee beans.

No coffee is truly gourmet if it does not come from a very well-run estate. Fortunately, there are several Panama coffee estates which fall into this category. Just to list a few, Berlina, La Torcaza and Lerida (among others several others) produce wonderfully prepared coffees which range from well-rounded to perky (with a gentle acidity) to rich, complex and boldly acidic.

Panama Boquete coffee is a superior wet-processed Central American coffee. The great taste of Panama Boquete exports is partially due to the modern facilities of used by Panama Boquete coffee exporters. It is also partially due to the Panama Boquete coffee farms use of traditional growing methods and typica coffee beans. Of course climate and weather also play a major factor as well. In short, Panama Boquete has with all of the range and potential virtues of any gourmet coffee in the world.

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