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Liquid Coffee Creamer Recipes

There are lots of unique recipes you can make using liquid coffee creamer. Most recipes call for milk, and some call for powdered coffee creamer, but there are some examples of recipes that use only liquid coffee creamer.

Below are a few recipes that use coffee creamer.

French Vanilla Kiss
. a cup of brewed coffee or instant coffee
. a cup of French vanilla coffee creamer
. 1 tablespoon of whip cream
Brew the coffee like you normally would. Now add the creamer, and mix well. Now take the whipped cream and spread it on top of the coffee.

Now you can enjoy this delectably, creamy treat.

Raspberry Hazelnut Coffee Cooler
. 1 of a cup of chilled, sparkling water
. of a cup of hazelnut liquid coffee creamer
. 2 teaspoons of raspberry liquid coffee creamer
. 2 cups of fresh raspberries
. 2 cups of ice cream (softened slightly)
. Mint (optional)
. Whip Cream (optional)

Add all of the ingredients into a blender, and blend until smooth. Add the mint if you wish, and top it off with whip cream.

The great thing about coffee creamer is that it comes in a variety of different flavors. You can use it to flavor your coffee, or use it to come up with a whole assortment of different recipes that are sure to brighten your day.

Try the recipes above, which are both mouth watering, and easy to make. If you find that you like them, the sky is the limit.

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