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Indonesian Coffee

Indonesia is rich with coffee growers and offers some of the best gourmet coffees available anywhere in the world. Indonesia is usually considered the third largest producer of coffee in the world, just ahead of Mexico. (Brazil is #1)

Coffee was brought to Indonesia during colonial times and its coffee industry was established and operated by the Dutch for many years. The Portuguese also controlled several coffee growing regions near Indonesia. Originally, Arabica coffee plants were introduced to Indonesia but near the end of the 18th century those coffee crops were devastated by a disease known as Coffee Rust. Eventually, most of the coffee crops in Indonesia were replaced with the more disease resistant Robusta coffee plants instead.

Today, many great coffees come from Indonesia. Three of the best gourmet Indonesian coffees to look for are: Java, Sumatra Mandheling and Celebes. Kalossi Toraja.

Java coffee comes from the island of Java. Java is the main island in the Indonesian archipelago. It is the most populous island in Indonesia and contains the capital, Jakarta. Java Estate coffees are world famous and well known to have a full-bodied flavor and a smooth spicy finish. A good cup of Java Estate will be subtly aromatic with earthy, smoky undertones.

Sumatra Mandheling comes from the island of Sumatra which is the third largest island in Indonesia. Sumatra Mandheling is one the world's most highly regarded gourmet coffees because of its excellent balance and syrup-like richness. It is perhaps the perfect gourmet coffee to serve with milk because it is heavy enough to carry its rich, complex character through the milk.

Another great Indonesian coffee is collectively known as Celebes Kalossi Toraja. These coffees can come under a whole variety of different names and is probably one of the most confusing things about gourmet coffee. Celebes Kalossi Toraja is sometimes referred to as simply Toraja or Sulawesi Toraja, after the island, Sulawesi, and the region, Toraja, it is grown in. They can also be called Kalossi or Celebes Kalossi, after the regional market town of Kalossi and the island's former name, Celebes. To make things simple, look for one of the names Celebes. Kalossi Toraja to be on the label. They are all essentially the same coffee. No matter what they call it. Celebes. Kalossi Toraja is usually considered to be the finest coffee to come from Indonesia, a world-class cup in every way. Celebes. Kalossi Toraja has a rich, unique flavor which, combined with its fragrant aroma, comes across as being almost exotic. If you like gourmet coffee but sometimes find the darker roasts to be slightly bitter, then Celebes. Kalossi Toraja is the coffee for you.

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