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Hawaiian Kona Coffee

When most people think of Hawaii they think of its beautiful landscapes and warm waters but it's also world famous for its Kona coffee farms. Hawaiian Kona coffee is some of the most sought after coffee in the world and the price reflects that. Pure Kona coffee runs at about $30 a pound although the price does vary from one Kona coffee exporter to the next. Some brands labeled as Kona coffee are actually a blend of Kona coffee beans and other types of coffee beans. These are not typically grown at the same location as the Kona coffee farm.

If you find what seems to be a good deal on Kona coffee, double check and make sure that it is actually a Hawaiian Kona coffee from a Kona coffee plantation. Several large plantations have sprung up in recent years on other Hawaiian islands. These coffees attempt to ride on the coattails of the Hawaiian Kona coffee craze. That's not to say these other coffees are bad, some are quite good. But, if it's from Hawaii and it does not say "Kona coffee" on it then it did not come from a Kona coffee plantation.

So far in this article Kona coffees have been grouped together but, the difference in taste between the Kona coffee farms varies greatly. There are at least 18 different Kona coffee farms on the main isle of Hawaii. Some of them roast their Kona coffee beans right there on the farm while others use large roasting companies. If you plan to buy Kona coffee online then it doesn't really matter as the taste of the coffee does not seem to be affected much by the size of the roaster. However, if you ever go to Hawaii I would recommend going directly to a farm and buying freshly roasted Kona coffee. Not only is this cheaper than when you buy Kona coffee online but, fresh roasted Kona coffee is just a little bit better.

The list of Kona coffee exports on the market is long especially when you consider that many Kona coffee farms produce more than one variety. Just to name a few varieties of gourmet Kona coffee; organic Kona coffee, Royal Kona coffee, Hawaiian Gold Kona coffee, Green Kona Coffee, Black Mountain Kona coffee, Kona Joe coffee, Mountain Thunder Kona coffee, Kona Blue Sky coffee, Kona Classic coffee, and many others.

As a closing note, many "coffee critics" consider Kona coffees to be overpriced but, to be fair there are many factors which determine the final price of any gourmet coffee. The price of gourmet Kona coffee beans is only one factor. Gourmet Kona coffee will continue to be high priced until its popularity wanes and that popularity is probably the truest testament to its satisfying flavor.

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