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Gourmet Coffee Mugs /  Gourmet Coffee Cups

Not surprisingly, gourmet coffee cups and mugs have been around almost as long as gourmet coffee itself. It's also no surprise, given gourmet coffee cups' long-standing popularity, that the variety of coffee mugs and cups on the market is simple overwhelming. There is everything from extremely cheap, Styrofoam coffee cups to inexpensive ceramic coffee mugs to thin porcelain gourmet coffee cups.

We are going to skip right over the cheap Styrofoam coffee cups since there is nothing to really say about them except they are terrible. Gourmet coffee in a cheap Styrofoam cup is a sin in the eyes of most gourmet coffee drinkers.

The vast majority of coffee mugs on the market are ceramic many of which are quite nice and perfectly well-suited as a gourmet coffee mug. One of the best qualities of gourmet ceramic coffee mugs is that the cup absorbs heat very well. This helps prevent the cup from becoming too hot too handle. The heat absorbed by the ceramic coffee mug also helps keep the coffee warm longer. The only real drawback to ceramic coffee mugs is that do tend to alter the taste of the gourmet coffee ever so slightly.

For the ultimate gourmet coffee cup, you should be looking for thin porcelain. For many years, thin porcelain coffee cups have been consider the absolute best cup to serve any kind of coffee in. So, it's no surprise that thin porcelain makes the best gourmet coffee cups. Firstly, thin porcelain is a more elegant gourmet coffee cup than ceramic coffee mugs. But, the main reason thin porcelain makes such a great gourmet coffee cup is because it does not alter the taste of the coffee in any way. The only real drawback is that gourmet coffee doesn't stay warm for very long when served in thin porcelain cups. This is why porcelain coffee cups usually only hold about half as much coffee as a ceramic coffee mug.

Almost any type of ceramic coffee mug can be a gourmet coffee mug whether it a nice looking hand painted ceramic coffee mug or a ceramic coffee mug with a humorous quote on it from your favorite cartoon character. And, you can certainly not go wrong with some type of thin porcelain coffee cup.

The best advice we can give about gourmet coffee cups and mugs is to have a set of both ceramic coffee mugs and a set of thin porcelain coffee cups at home. Use the ceramic coffee mugs for cozy evenings at home and casual get togethers with friends and use the thin porcelain coffee cups for special occasions like Christmas dinner or a romantic picnic by the lake.

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