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El Salvador Coffee

El Salvador coffee is an excellent choice for those new to the gourmet coffee experience. Compared to most other gourmet coffees, El Salvador coffees are somewhat softer in taste with a subdued acidity. Don't let this put you off though if you are already a gourmet coffee connoisseur, El Salvador coffee is a very good cup of gourmet coffee.

Unlike many other gourmet coffees, El Salvador coffee plantations have not been quick to change their ways. This is in part due to a lengthy civil war. While other coffee growing countries were switching to newer more disease-resistant varieties of Arabica coffee beans, El Salvador coffee farms did not switch and for the most part still grow these older varieties of coffee beans (like bourbon). Actually, this has become a big selling point for El Salvador coffee because many people believe the newer hybrid coffee beans don't taste as good as traditional El Salvador coffee beans. Many El Salvador coffee plantations have taken this a step further and still use traditional methods to fertilizer the coffee trees and control pests. They use the market name El Salvador High Grown Organic coffee.

There are also a few El Salvador coffee farms (such as Los Ausoles) who have made the switch to hybrid coffee beans. One of these hybrids, which is known as pacamara, is rather intriguing. Los Ausoles exports its pacamara coffee under the market name Tizapa. The pacamara coffee tree itself produces a very large coffee bean which is a cross between the large coffee bean known as maragogipe and a local variety of El Salvador coffee bean known as paca. Pacamara coffee is an interesting El Salvador coffee export because it takes the best qualities from its parent varieties and makes a cup of superior gourmet coffee which is soft with complex nuisances.

El Salvador coffees, when compared to other Central American coffees (like gourmet Guatemalan coffees), are softer in taste and lower in acidity. While pacamara coffee is an interesting hybrid, El Salvador High Grown Organic Coffee Beans are the most popular. Be sure to check and make sure you are getting El Salvador coffee beans which are "Strictly High Grown". This is the highest grade of coffee bean in El Salvador. Some El Salvador coffee exports slyly use the name El Salvador Organic Coffee without clearly specifying the grade of the coffee beans inside. You should look for those which say "El Salvador High Grown Organic Coffee". If it does not have the words "high grown organic" in it then it is may not actually be a gourmet quality coffee.

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