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Chocolate Peppermint Coffee

Chocolate and peppermint is a unique flavor combination that has become a favorite for many a coffee lover the world over. (Especially as Starbucks seem to pop up everywhere under the sun.) While there are some who consider chocolate peppermint coffee more of a seasonal drink, we here at GCS think that it's good enough to have all year round. This following recipe was submitted to us by one of our visitors and is a copycat of the Starbucks version.

3 tbsp of Mocha Powder (Available at Starbucks)
11/2 tbsp of Peppermint Syrup (Available at Starbucks)
1 oz of Espresso OR 1/4 cup of Extra Strong Dark Roasted Coffee
12 oz of Steamed or Heated Milk
Whipped Cream
Red or Green Sugar Sprinkles

Start by combining equal parts mocha powder and warm water to create a rich chocolate syrup. Pour the mixture into a mug and add the espresso (or strong coffee) along with the peppermint syrup. Finally, add the milk and stir until well combined. Top it off with freshly whipped cream and some sugar sprinkles.

"Chocolate Pepermint Coffee" was provided by a visitor to this site. If you have a coffee recipe you would like posted on our site feel free to contact us.

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